Blog Tour Spotlight – Man Down by James Goodhand

Hello everyone,

It is my turn on this rather exciting blog tour for Man Down, a book which totally caught my eye as soon as I received the invitation to take part!

I really love reading young adult thrillers, and by all accounts this one has a paranormal twist, so I am doubly looking forward to picking this one up. The synopsis gives little away, but it explores a lot of relevant themes and certainly sounds intriguing. This tour came too soon for me to read it, but I definitely will make it a priority to do so very soon and when that happens, I will share my review.

Thank you very much as always to Dave @ The Write Reads and his many little helpers for organising the tour and ensuring my place, and indeed to Noly for the eye-catching banner.

Will Parks is being followed.

Someone is watching him, feeding him glimpses of the future – steering him down paths he would never have dared to take alone.

But these supernatural tip-offs are doing more for Will than just boosting his popularity, or keeping him out of trouble in the dead-end town he calls home. They have a purpose.

Because a tragedy is coming. One that only Will can prevent. But only if he is ready to step up. Only if he’s prepared to become the man he is meant to be.

James Goodhand lives in Surrey with his wife and newborn son.

A mechanic by day, he started writing in 2019 and apparently much of his work has been written at an oil stained workbench whilst ignoring a queue of broken cars in need of his attention.

A keen musician, specialising in the piano for rhythm and blues, his debut young adult novel Last Lesson was published in the spring of 2020. It tackled topics such as teenage mental illness and toxic masculinity, the latter a subject revisited in Man Down, which was released in March.

Man Down is now available to buy!

Do remember to check out the other posts on this tour, which runs all the way until 24th April.

Happy reading 🙂

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