Privacy Policy

Hello everyone,

I take your privacy very seriously on my blog. Here are some details on how your information is used:

  • Stephen Writes is curated with a free WordPress plan, which means it uses a system called Jetpack (, apparently)
  • With the exception of external links, this blog may collect data such as WordPress usernames, email addresses, and website URLs. These occur when you either like or comment on my posts, or follow my blog. I do not do anything with this information, other than to follow your blog or view your posts.
  • Data is also collected on things such as the number of page views, the links you clicked on, the search terms you entered to find my blog/a particular post, and the country in which you are accessing the site – via your IP address. I am able to view this information in my Stats section (I rarely check my stats these days, but just in case).
  • Cookies are also present on my site to remember you and your site preferences. They only come into effect when you ‘interact’ with Jetpack, by providing details such as URL, email etc.

Thank you for reading 🙂