Kindle Vocabulary Builder #8

Hello everyone,

I could not believe it when I noticed that it is almost an entire year since I last did a post on the Vocabulary Builder, which is a very useful though well hidden Easter egg for anyone who owns a Kindle.

It allows you to store all of the words that have looked up the definition for while reading. They automatically appear there once highlighted, and you can review, study, and master the words at a later date.

Here are eight more of the words the I have added to the Vocabulary Builder – some of them are very obscure! Definitions from Oxford Dictionaries

Word: Trousseau
Definition: The clothes, linen, and other belongings collected by a bride for her marriage.

Word: Carom
Definition: A game originating in North America that resembles billiards, played on a table without pockets and depending on cannons for scoring.

Word: Cannoli
Definition: A dessert consisting of small deep fried pastry tubes with a creamy filling, typically of sweetened ricotta cheese.

Word: Ramekin
Definition: A small dish for baking and serving an individual portion of food.

Word: Immolate
Definition: To kill or offer as a sacrifice, especially by burning.

Word: Bezique
Definition: A trick-taking card game for two people, played with a double pack of 64 cards, including the seven to ace only in each suit.
In the same game, it can also describe holding the Queen of spades and the Jack of diamonds.

Word: Maraschino
Definition: A strong, sweet liqueur made from small black Dalmation cherries.

Word: Bloviate
Definition: To talk at length, especially in an inflated or empty way.

Have you come across any of these words? Are any them new to you? Do let me know in the comments!

Happy reading 🙂


17 thoughts on “Kindle Vocabulary Builder #8

    1. Thank you, Pauliina! I’m glad you enjoy these posts. And yes, ‘bloviate’ sounds rather like another word for mansplaining 😂 I’ll look out for it in your future posts!!! 😉


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