Book Review – Elektra by Jennifer Saint

Pages: 331 Published: 26th April 2022 Genre: Mythological Fiction Trigger warnings: Child death, animal sacrifice, violence/injury detail The House of Atreus is cursed. A bloodline tainted by a generational cycle of violence and vengeance. This is the story of three women, their fates inextricably tied to this curse, and the fickle nature of men and gods. Clytemnestra The sister … Continue reading Book Review – Elektra by Jennifer Saint

Monthly Wrap-Up – May 2022

Hello everyone, The end of another month and it all seemed to pass by in a bit of blur, yet strangely to me it also feels like a long time since it began. Either way, we are now in June and summer is almost upon us. Here in the UK, we are finally creeping beyond … Continue reading Monthly Wrap-Up – May 2022