My Work

I have always enjoyed writing, but never really believed I could write to a wider audience until I was about 17, when I was an A-Level student unsure what to do next and looking for any writing opportunities I could find in the meantime.

In May 2013 I sent a tentative email to a Premier League football website called A Different League along with a couple of examples of my work. Being the pessimist that I was back then I expected it to come to nothing, but two weeks later I was invited to write for the site and from there the quality of my writing improved immeasurably and gave me confidence, producing over 3,500 articles until my final contribution in June 2017.

This provided me with the opportunity to write for other related websites and publications, including Football ItaliaFootball Espana and most notably, the Soccer 360 Magazine. Based in Canada, I continue to write for this magazine every two months, where the true reward is seeing the finished product.

I have written two books, both in the sporting non-fiction genre. I self-published the first in September 2017, and I am currently attempting to get the second – a biography – published in print. In 2019, I have turned my hand to creative writing, and my current WIP is a mystery/crime novel.

However, my work has not simply been limited to sport. In December 2013 I wrote two feature articles for the Avon, Gloucestershire and Somerset edition of the Primary Times magazine, while I have written news articles on behalf of the university I work for. I can also unashamedly count poetry as a pastime, which over time has become much more personal yet refined.

Starting this blog has enabled me to develop my skills as a book reviewer, and I absolutely love it! Talking about books, discussing plots and characters and writing styles; they are favourite things to write and I hope you enjoy reading them!

A link to all of my articles for A Different League can be found here.