Monthly Wrap-Up – February 2022

Hello everyone, We have reached the end of the shortest month of the year, but there is no doubt that it was a very eventful one. For me it was a good one; fun and productive, so I look forward to sharing some of the highlights with you in this post. However, it has also … Continue reading Monthly Wrap-Up – February 2022

Kazuo Ishiguro

It is that time of year where the Nobel Prizes are being handed out; announcements which are made after a lengthy consultation process. The prize for Literature is normally reserved for the most influential contemporary writers, but after last year's unprecedented venture into the lyrics of Bob Dylan, there was an open mind over who … Continue reading Kazuo Ishiguro


Today I was sent the commission for the January 2017 edition of the Soccer 360 magazine, the print publication to which I have happily contributed to for three years with distinction. But there was a problem. For the first time since I began, except for occasions where I had made myself unavailable, I was not assigned an … Continue reading Benched