Top Five – Annoying Characters Who Appeared In Books I Enjoyed

Hello everyone,

I hope you are having a good week. Today I have another new list post, and it is all about characters who I found annoying in books that I liked, or even loved.

Some of these characters are just plain annoying, while others are just a bit pesky in the way they get in the way of the protagonists. Either way, the fact these characters existed did not necessary make me enjoy the book less – indeed sometimes they really helped to advance the plot.

With that in mind, this post is just for fun. Five characters who I either found annoying, or would do in real life. Here we go:

Nathaniel Drummer – Lies Like Wildfire by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez

Has anyone ever come across a male character who everyone seems to love or find remarkably attractive, and not understand why? I have a couple of times, and the most obvious example was Nathaniel Drummer, who went by his surname.

I grew increasingly exasperated by Drummer as not only did he seem to possess very little common sense or any brain cells at all for that matter, he was also useless in a crisis.

Simon Kelleher – One Of Us Is Lying

Simon Kelleher dies right at the beginning of One Of Us Is Lying and the attention is all on which of his fellow students is responsible for his murder, but his legacy lives on throughout that book and his sequel.

He was not the most popular person at Bayview High, because of the fact he shared everyone’s secrets across the school and blackmailed them while doing so – a really awful thing to do. I would have hated Simon if I knew him in real life, that is for sure.

Gareth Quinn – DI Adam Fawley series by Cara Hunter

The great thing about this series along with all the gripping cases and twists, is that the characters – DI Fawley and his colleagues – are developed well throughout.

Gareth Quinn is one of those characters you would not like as a person, but you really enjoy reading about. He is a womaniser and to be honest, not the most professional of detectives. The author writes him perfectly too, almost like she is sharing a light-hearted conversation with the reader.

Max – The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Here is a character who I genuinely find annoying as anything. This series is exciting for its fast pace, along with the many puzzles and twists, and there are a LOT of characters.

Avery’s best friend Max has this insufferable way of talking where pretty much every sentence contains an implied swear word. It was not funny the first time, but then she proceeds to do it right through the entire series. Besides that, it really hinders her character development.

Tyler Cai – These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong

I love this book with all of my heart, and Tyler is very much one of the reasons for that. He is just one of those pesky characters who get in the way of our beloved protagonists achieving their aims, so is annoying in that respect, but the duology would have been a lot worse off without him!

Let’s Chat

Have you read any of these books? Which characters have you found annoying, and did you still manage to enjoy the book? Let me know in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Top Five – Annoying Characters Who Appeared In Books I Enjoyed

  1. I’ve read the inheritance games but for some reason can’t seem to remember Max 😅 maybe it’s because I didn’t like her either so I didn’t care to remember her 😅😂

    There are a few characters in the Dresden files who start off as kinda irritating but go through good character growths as the series progresses and Tamlin from the ACOTAR series definitely one who’s existence bugs nearly everyone 😂😂

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