Monthly Wrap-Up – June 2022

Hello everyone,

Somehow we are halfway through the year! June was another busy and eventful month, during which I was constantly balancing a relentlessly hectic time at work by trying to make the absolute most of all my evenings and weekends.

In the UK it all began with a long weekend for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, and just like the rest of the month, the weather fluctuated. We had a wave of heat and periods of blazing sunshine, while other days were total washouts – I suppose that is what we call a typical summer!

In the midst of all that, I have done a bit of reading too. I feel as if I read quite a lot in June, but that is not reflected in the numbers, as I finished a total of four books – slightly less than normal for me. However, that figure is perhaps a tad misleading as I ended the month with four more books on the go, so that should lead to a higher than average total for July.

Here are the four books I actually finished in June:

Still Water ⭐⭐⭐
The Kindest Lie (audiobook) ⭐⭐
Circus Of Wonders ⭐⭐⭐
Who Killed Ruby? ⭐⭐.5

A look at those star ratings would suggest that June was not a great reading month for me, but again it does not feel like that as my current reads are so good! Daughter Of The Moon Goddess by Sue Lynn Tan is incredible, and I am also loving The Smallest Man by Frances Quinn. I expect both of them to feature highly in my list of favourites at the end of the year.

It was a privilege to read Still Water, as the author Rebecca Pert is actually my work colleague and I am so impressed by her at publishing her first novel. As debuts go it was pretty good, too. I was hoping for more from Circus Of Wonders and Who Killed Ruby? as I had read very good books by those authors before, while The Kindest Lie was just a bit boring.

Once I finish my current reads, my TBR for July is still to be fully determined. The first book on the list though will definitely be the one on my unread pile that I am most excited to read – As Good As Dead by Holly Jackson, the final part of her amazing trilogy which began with A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder. Further ahead, I am looking at Call Me Star Girl by Louise Beech, and perhaps it is about time for me to finally read The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo

July also sees the release of two of my most anticipated books, and they are both sequels. The Family Remains by Lisa Jewell is a follow-up to The Family Upstairs, published in 2019 and one of my favourites out of the eight thrillers I have read by the author to date. The other one is The House Of Fortune, Jessie Burton’s long-awaited sequel to The Miniaturist, which is one of my all-time favourite books and the one that began my love of historical fiction. I am currently listening to the audiobook of The Miniaturist to reacquaint myself with the story.

I have not had much time for writing outside of blogging and my book reviews, but I am hoping to get back to poetry again very soon. Recently I have had some good ideas, so once I have written out all my existing poems again (they are currently very disorganised!), I plan to get them down.

The last two months at work have perhaps been the busiest I have ever experienced, mainly because we have had to cope with lots of change and a shortage of staff. There have been so many meetings to attend and my workload has been crazy, but it is something I try to just take in my stride and not complain about, and it has meant a lot to be complimented by my colleagues on my positivity.

Away from that, June was another pretty good one for days out. Over the long weekend at the start of the month I had a wonderful time at Tredegar in South Wales, a nice house with enormous – and rather stunning – gardens adjoining it. I later visited the Natural History Museum in London and had a great day, and a week later I saw Avebury Manor.

July promises to be another very busy month, but I am excited to see what it brings. I hope you all have a great month and read lots of amazing books!

5 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up – June 2022

  1. I agree with you that life sometimes takes predominance over reading or blogging. Reading is meant to enhance the life experience, not some escapist occupation. I applaud your bravery to review a book by a colleague. Many reviewers would shrink away from it since many authors have issues when it comes to deal with criticism.

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