Best Book Blogging Friends Of 2021 – Part Two

Hello everyone,

Yesterday I posted a list of nine other book bloggers who have become or continued to be amazing friends to me in 2021, and today I have nine more!

I adore all of the content they post and in general they just epitomise why I love being part of an online bookish community. It makes blogging that little bit more rewarding.

So here are the rest, once again in alphabetical order:

Kira @ Kira Jeanette

I really like the mixture of content Kira shares, from reviews and fun tags, to articulate and thought-provoking discussion posts. She is a very talented writer and that really shines through, while I have enjoyed the updates she has shared on her current WIP.

A great post by Kira: 24 Books I Love

Livy @ Shelves Of Starlight

Livy takes part in a lot of bookish tags and blog tours, and each of these posts is so much fun to read. Her blog also explores lifestyle and academic study, and all of this is accompanied by an engaging writing voice. She also spreads a lot of joy and kindness on Twitter as well.

A great post by Livy: Midnight in Everwood, review

Maisy @ Hawthorn Book Reviews

Maisy is extremely clever and talented, and her blog is full of personality. We do not have much in common in regards to the books we read, but that has not stopped us having some fun discussions on her blogs about her life updates and the ‘word of the week’ feature she usually posts on a Wednesday.

A great post by Maisy: Did I Read What I Hauled? #9

Mani @ Mani’s Book Corner

Mani and I read a lot of similar types of books, and I always enjoy reading her reviews, which are very well written. They are just part of her blog, which is full of excellent bookish content, so any book lover would find something to really like on there. She is also very kind and supportive.

A great post by Mani: The Burning Girls by C. J. Tudor (Review)

Misty @ Misty’s Bookspace

Misty posts on her blog pretty much every day and I really enjoy finding out the array of books that she reads, which are detailed in lots of reviews and fun lists. She also takes part in some readathons and sets lots of cool reading challenges, while we have good discussions about the books we have both read.

A great post by Misty: Winter 2022 TBR (December 21, 2021 – March 20, 2022)

Rosie @ Little Bird Book Blog

Rosie is very kind and just a lovely person to interact with. She is another blogger who reads a variety of books, but I like the way she reviews them from a more literary and critical perspective while still being very engaging. I also like how she sometimes incorporates her love of video games into her blog posts.


Sarah @ The Book’s Whiskers

I really enjoy reading Sarah’s reviews, they have helped add several books to my TBR with lots of amazing recommendations! She writes really well and is really supportive, and she even has a whole page on her blog dedicated to cats, so what’s not to love?!

A great post by Sarah: Still Life by Sarah Winman

Sarah @ Thoughts Of The Reader

It feels like Sarah and I have been book blogging friends for a very long time! I really like the excitement she writes with while talking about the books she loves – thanks to her I discovered several sci-fi and fantasy novels which I was not aware of before, and now she reads a lot of the same young adult mysteries/thrillers that I enjoy.

A great post by Sarah: September Readathons: TBR

Siena @ Booksophobia

Siena is such an eloquent writer and every single book she reads appears fascinating or captivating in some way. She writes great reviews and combines them with captivating discussions and fun list posts. Her blog is a joy to read and I always feel like I take something away whenever I read one of her posts.

A great post by Siena: How My Reading Changed in 2021

To finish, I just wanted to say thank you to every other blogger I have interacted with this year. You make blogging extra special.

Happy reading 🙂

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