Best Blogging Friends Of 2021 – Part One

Hello everyone,

One of my absolute favourite things about being a book blogger is that there are so many wonderful people to interact with! I am grateful for everyone I have been able to connect with in the past few years and it is those interactions which more than anything, have made blogging so rewarding.

In the past two years I have shared lists of 18 book bloggers who I have become friends with and whose content I have really enjoyed reading, and this year I have done the same.

So here is part one, with the first nine bloggers in alphabetical order.

Amanda @ Amanda’s Book Review!

Amanda is very kind, has time for others and posts a regularly array of posts. I particularly enjoy reading her book reviews, as they are written with just the right amount of detail and her opinions really come to the fore. There are certain books which we have both loved, so it has been fun to discuss those, too.

A great post by Amanda: Rock, Paper, Scissors by Alice Feeney ~Review~

Amy @ A Fangirl’s Opinion

There are lots of nice things I could say about Amy, but perhaps the best thing is that her blog posts always bring a smile to my face. She has an incredible writing voice which is full of personality and enthusiasm for the books she is discussing. On top of that, she has lots of creative ideas for blog posts and is incredibly supportive to other book bloggers.

A great post by Amy: My Most Anticipated YA Books of 2021 โ€“ Part 2

Amy Louise @ The Shelf Of Unread Books

I have found that Amy Louise and I have a very similar taste in books, especially for historical fiction and mysteries, so it is always fun discussing them with her and I have received some excellent recommendations in the process! Furthermore, she writes some of the very best book reviews – very detailed, eloquent, and well structured.

A great post by Amy Louise: BLOG TOUR REVIEW!!! The Booksellerโ€™s Secret by Michelle Gable

Anika @ Chapters Of May

Anika’s blog celebrates not only her love of books but also nature, with her amazing photography skills often leading to posts with beautiful pictures of the changing seasons. I really enjoy reading her in-depth book reviews and discovering lots of interesting recommendations.

A great post by Anika: 8 Books to Read on a Rainy Day

Danni @ For Book’s Sake

Earlier this year, Danni completed an amazing streak of posting every day for a whole year, and everything she writes is great to read. It is a really cool mix too, with reviews as well as list posts and tags to keep things ticking along. One other thing I have to mention with Danni is her art skills – her sketches are seriously impressive!

A great post by Danni: Blog Tour Review: The Girl of Dorcha Wood by Kristin Ward

Julie @ One Book More

Speaking of book bloggers who post regularly, I think Julie truly sets the standard! Quite often she posts twice a day, and she never seems short of great content. This consists of a mixture of reviews and other bookish lists and features, while she is also extremely kind and supportive on top of that.

A great post by Julie: Six for Sunday: YA Books with Gothic Vibes

Julie Anna @ Julie Anna’s Books

I really like Julie Anna’s blogging voice and the variety of books that she discusses. Lots of them are intriguing or thought-provoking and she always reviews them in a way that makes me want to find out more. She also writes a lot about reading journals and has a great eye for aesthetics.


Kaya @ A Fictional Bookworm

Kaya is another blogging who shares a lot of my same reading preferences and is always so much fun to interact with about some of the ones we both loved. I enjoy the enthusiasm she writes with in her reviews, although my favourite posts of all on her blog are the lists/weekly memes. I so often find at least one book to talk about each time!

A great post by Kaya: tag tuesday: top 5 favorite new authors of 2021!

Kelly @ Struggling Bookaholic

Kelly returned to the world of blogging this year after a two-year hiatus, but writes lovely reviews which perfectly showcase her love of reading in a whole range of genres. She is often taking part in fun readathons, and in general we have just become really good online friends and always find lots to talk about, from books to all sorts of other things.

A great post by Kelly: ARC Review: The Dead and the Dark

Part Two of this post is coming up tomorrow!

Happy reading ๐Ÿ™‚

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