Top Five Powerful Books I Read In 2021

Hello everyone,

It is less than two weeks to go until Christmas and so that is the prompt for me to start creating fun lists based on my reading over the past year. I love creating these posts every year and have lots to come over the next few days!

I am going to start with the most powerful books I read in 2021; the ones which have left the greatest emotional impact on me, or dealt with sensitive topics in an especially impressive or unique way. These things were sometimes complimented by a profound writing style that made me feel powerfully connected to the book, making them all the more effective.

Looking back, I have read few genuinely powerful books this year compared to normal, so it was relatively easy this time to narrow it down. Here are my top five!

Maria In The Moon by Louise Beech

This book contained its share of light hearted moments, but ultimately it was a very raw portrayal of someone dealing with the long-term after effects of sexual abuse. From a thematic point of view, Louise Beech gets the tone spot on and the characters – in particular Catherine and her family – are handled expertly.

Deity by Matt Wesolowski

Another story which explores the harrowing topic of sexual abuse, this magnificent instalment in the Six Stories series provides a thoroughly detailed and thoughtful social commentary which makes it a compelling read.

It is also powerful because of its relevant to ongoing real-life affairs, with eloquent discussions about victim blaming, cancel culture, and the #MeToo movement. Highly thought-provoking all round.

The Silence Of Bones by June Hur

The atmosphere and the mystery of this book are both great, but what I loved most about it is the profound way it focuses on family relationships and the complexity that exists between the main character Seol and her brother. I was totally immersed in their story, and the constant internal dilemmas that she feels.

The Source by Sarah Sultoon

This was an unsettling book made even more impactful by the use of dual timelines. The author made the decision to infer what was going on instead of describe it in detail, and that actually turned out to be an extremely effective way of covering a horrific topic. The main character’s first person perspective, especially in the earlier timeline, also leaves a lasting memory.

Felix Ever After by Kacen Callender

This was a novel that provided such an authentic and moving portrayal of a trans character and their story. Extremely relevant and heartwarming, the representation across the board was fabulous and it was impossible not be taken by Felix throughout his angst-fuelled journey to falling in love.

However, the most powerful aspect of it is that the book will enable lots of readers to be able to feel seen, and that is priceless.

Have you read any of these books? Did you find them exceptionally powerful? What are some of the most powerful books you have read in 2020? Let me know in the comments!

Happy reading 🙂

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