Five Books On My TBR – June 2021

Hello everyone,

As always, my TBR barely gets any less substantial while the unread pile that stands rather precariously beside my bookshelf is beginning to teeter. With that in mind and to try and provide myself with an extra slice of motivation, I am taking a look at five of the books I aim to read at some indefinable point in the future.

A quick look through Goodreads has shown me that many of the books I have added most recently are historical fiction novels and retellings. There are so many exciting new releases in those genres at the moment that it is hard to take my eyes off them, but I continue to read a very eclectic mix.

Here are some of the books on my future agenda, and please behold the beautiful covers…

Threadneedle by Cari Thomas

This is probably the book that has received the most love on bookish social media recently and everything about it just sounds wonderful. It is the first in a series and the fantasy element is what makes me most excited.

I am quite particular when it comes to fantasy, but this seems to have all the elements that will make it a new favourite read, so I am very excited to pick it up. The cover is beautiful too, which is a bonus!

Circus Of Wonders by Elizabeth Macneal

Elizabeth Macneal’s debut novel The Doll Factory was rather dark, but it was also vivid and atmospheric and I quite enjoyed it. That means it was not a difficult decision to add this one to my list, and my anticipation has been enhanced by the plethora of glowing reviews I have seen since its release.

Ariadne by Jennifer Saint

I am totally in a phase where I cannot get enough of Greek mythology retellings; they are consistently compelling and provide such enrichment for me as the reader. Therefore, I am super hyped to read Ariadne, as all the signs are it will be right up there with the best of them.

The hardback cover is gorgeous and whenever I do pick it up – hopefully sooner rather than later – I shall be prepared for lyrical writing and a character that proves to be just as arresting as Circe, as written by Madeline Miller.

I Know You Did It by Sue Wallman

Sue Wallman is an author who is rarely discussed in book blogging circles, but I have read all four of her previous young adult thrillers and have found them mostly to be very enjoyable and engaging. They often contain a lot of high stakes towards the end and take place in one interesting, unique setting, so I am looking forward to finding out what she has in store this time.

The Dictionary Of Lost Words by Pip Williams

This is another title I have seen around a lot recently and I can only conclude that both the title and synopsis could hardly speak to me any more profoundly. I absolutely love language and words, while it is also historical fiction and the plot has a feminist element. What’s not to love?!

Let’s Chat

Have you read any of these books? If you have, what did you think? Let me know in the comments!

22 thoughts on “Five Books On My TBR – June 2021

  1. Hello Stephen. I haven’t read any of these books – yet. Ariadne is on my list, and like you, I’m reading a lot of retold Greek Mythology. I have just finished The Silence of the Girls by Pat Barker and I really, really loved it. Circe is on my list too.

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