Best Blogging Friends Of 2020 – Part Two

Hello everyone,

Yesterday I posted a list of nine fellow book bloggers who have become or continued to be amazing friends to me in 2020, and today I have nine more!

Once again, there are so many I could mention here as this is just such a magnificent community to be a part of. I am exceedingly grateful for all of you on my blog, and on Twitter.

So here are the rest, once again in alphabetical order:

Holly @ Holly Reads a Lot

Holly is extremely kind and friendly and there are few better book bloggers to talk to if you like middle grade and young adult fantasy. I enjoy reading all of her posts, finding out about her extensive book hauls and even more considerable monthly TBRs, and on top of all that she has a brilliant blogging voice that really reflects her personality.

A great post from Holly: December TBR! The last month of the year!!

Jessica @ Beyond The Front Cover

Jess writes a wonderful array of blog posts, all of which are written with a great deal of thought and in a conversational style of writing that I absolutely love. These include book reviews and interesting discussions, while her monthly wrap-ups are some of my favourites as they are very detailed and wide-ranging. She is also a lovely person to interact with.

A great post from Jess: Which is better…one book at a time or multiple books at once?

Jessica @ Endless Chapters

I mostly interact with Jessica on Twitter, where she posts a delightful combination of random observations and engaging bookish content. She is really nice and always fun to talk to, and she has a wonderful talent for art, creating beautiful accessories such as bookmarks.

On her blog, she mostly posts detailed reviews and sheds light on books I am often not aware of, several of which are from her native Malaysia.

A great post from Jessica: I’m Running Out of Shelves Space! Why?

Kat @ KBbookreviews

Kat is one of the kindest, absolute loveliest book bloggers I know. In addition to spreading joy and positivity, she has a wonderful blog. I love reading her eloquent in-depth reviews, list posts, and fun answers to book tags.

A great post from Kat: Blogtour + Book Review: Mexican Gothic, by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Leisha @ Literary Leisha

Leisha’s blog posts are always a lot of fun to read, and I really like her style of writing. She has the terrific ability to analyse a book in a nutshell and use her opinions to summarise it very clearly and neatly, in a way that I admire. Alongside that, just like everyone else on this list, she is super friendly and kind.

A great post from Leisha: 21 Books I Want to Read in 2021

Lili @ Lili’s Blissful Pages

When I started book blogging in 2018, Lili was among the very first friends I made and her posts were – and still are – very inspiring. Our conversations on social media are less frequent now but she is always wonderful to talk to and she continues to write fantastic reviews on a range of genres.

On a side note, Lili got a cat called Page this year and she is literally the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen!


Mehek @ The Critiques of a Fangirl

Mek is incredibly supportive and has always had such kind words to say about my blog posts, for which I am so grateful. I really like the passion for books that really shines through in her writing too, never afraid to offer her opinion.

A great post from Mek: The One Where I should have read from these authors sooner: Favourite New to Me Authors of 2020

Ruby  @ Ruby Rae Reads

Ruby is a really wonderful character in the book blogging community, as her posts are super entertaining to read, full of exuberance and with no shortage of capital letters. Their delightfully chaotic nature makes me smile, and often discuss topics other than books, such as films and life updates.

She is kind and thoughtful, and I’m pretty sure we also share some favourite 2020 reads.


Yesha @ Books Teacups and Reviews

Yesha is another very supportive blogger who always finds time to read and comment on others’ posts. As for her own posts, she writes wonderful in-depth reviews on an eclectic mix of books and has definitely helped to add several of them to my TBR.

I also felt really honoured when Yesha nominated me in the Best Reviews category for the annual book blogging awards.

A great post from Yesha: BookReview: The Twin by Natasha Preston

To finish, I just wanted to say thank you to every other blogger I have interacted with this year. You make blogging endlessly more rewarding.

Happy reading 🙂

31 thoughts on “Best Blogging Friends Of 2020 – Part Two

      1. I’m glad you had a lovely day, Jess 😊 but sorry that you weren’t able to see family. My day was lovely too, thank you. I spent it with my parents and my brother and it was really nice ☺

        Happy New Year! I hope things get better soon and we are not under restrictions for too long 😊


  1. Thank you so much Stephen! I’m really glad to meet you on this platform too and engage with you on Twitter is always very delightful. 💞 I hope next year will be better for all of us and to more blogging! 😊

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  2. Omg okay I MIGHT BE SCREAMING AND CRYING AT THE SAME TIME! Stephen!!! You didn’t have!! You literally just MADE MY DAY. And here come the all caps. Omg I’m so so honoured ad those are the kindest words, thank you <3<3<3 I have loved reading all your posts this year and getting to know you. Your work is so creative, well thought out and put together and I admire it so much. All the love xoxoxoxoxo

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