Discussion – Book Bloggers’ Non-Bookish Favourites

Hello everyone,

Earlier in the year, I wrote a discussion post where I compiled a list of things that book bloggers love to talk about, ranging from bookshelves and lists to diversity, our endless TBR, and the Goodreads Challenge. Out of all my posts, it was one of the most enjoyable to write and so definitely ranks as one of my favourites.

Following on from that, I have now decided to do a similar post about things that a lot of book bloggers seem to love that are not book related. This of course does not apply to everyone and so is not meant as a generalisation, but when we are not talking about books, these are the topics that seem to appear in our posts more than others!


I think we all like to look at pictures of each others’ pets, as they are just so adorable! It is the same in the book blogging community, where the most popular pet of choice has to be cats.

I absolutely love cats, and can rarely scroll through my Twitter timeline without coming across at least one photo that a bookish friend has shared. We do get the occasional dog, too!


In my opinion, no drink serves as a better accompaniment to a book than a cup of tea. It seems that a lot of book bloggers think the same, as many of us state tea as our favourite drink, and often have a cup by our side while we read. I barely go a day without a cup of tea.


Ask almost any book blogger what their favourite season is, and there is a very good chance they will say autumn (fall)! There are many reasons why, such as the array of beautiful colours that it brings and the evenings that slowly getting darker and bring lower temperatures, giving us the ideal excuse to get cosy beneath a blanket and read lots of books.

And of course there is Halloween, which always seems to hold a special place in the book blogging community. It is a time to read spooky books and change our Twitter names into something ghostly or sinister. There are also a lot of autumn or Halloween book tags, the likes of which you would not see at any other point of the year, so it is always a great deal of fun!

For the record, my own favourite season is actually summer, so I think I am definitely in the minority!


A lot of book lovers seem to have a very impressive collection of stationery, such as pens, rulers, folders, and particularly notebooks. A lot of them have very pretty designs, too.

I can certainly say that I own more writing pads than is probably necessary, in which I write poems and jot down various other things. I am hoping to start making better use of them though, so we shall see how that goes.

Bullet Journals

I do not keep a bullet journal, but I know that they are really popular in the book blogging community. I have seen a lot of blog posts about them and they are all full of such beautiful designs, drawings, and calligraphy that it makes me feel like I am missing out!

I would be really interested in hearing from other bloggers about how they use bullet journals and the pros and cons of keeping one, because they look like wonderful things.


Whether through Twitter or other blogs, I can often rely on several book bloggers for television recommendations and the majority of these are inevitably on Netflix. I am very selective about the things I watch, but it has helped me discover a couple of shows I have really enjoyed!

In terms of book blogging, there is a Netflix Book Tag and a Television Tag, while some of us discuss the things we have watched in monthly wrap-ups. I have also heard a lot about k-dramas, so they seem to be very popular in the community too!

Taylor Swift

I think almost all of us can acknowledge that Taylor Swift is a seriously impressive individual, but the amount of love she gets from the book blogging community is something to behold! Whenever she releases her new album it seems to dominate my Twitter feed, and get discussed a lot in blog posts.

In addition to that, book tags have been created based on her two most recent albums, Lover and Folklore. As far as I know, she is the only music artist with the honour of having been given book tags – correct me if I am wrong!

Disney Films and Musicals

I would be a little surprised if there was a single one of us who does not like Disney or Pixar. They are the subject of themed readathons, and a lot of the new releases including live action remakes are met with a lot of anticipation.

This year, we have seen Disney+ added as a subscription service, and that is where musicals come in. A lot of book bloggers like musicals of course, but the one I have seen discussed the most by far is Hamilton, which I shamefully have still not watched. Sounds absolutely amazing though!

Let’s Chat

Do you relate to any of these things? Are there any other non book-related things that book bloggers like to talk about (ASMR, video games etc)? Let me know in the comments!

Happy reading 🙂

48 thoughts on “Discussion – Book Bloggers’ Non-Bookish Favourites

  1. I love all of these, maybe not Taylor Swift as much anymore. But,I drink so nuch tea its ridiculous, I’m constantly on netflix, always posting photos of my cat, my playlist recently is all musicals and im getting more into bullet journaling!

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  2. I am totally a pen guy, and that inevitably leads to stationery because you need good paper to write on, right? I guess that’s just a writer thing though, since I don’t really book blog. But great list!

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  3. I like coffee when I’m reading. Coffee gives me a lift and I’m particular about how I make it. Notebooks! Who doesn’t love notebooks. I can’t pass them in a shop without buying another one, and I like pretty ones. And pens, I have so many pens, aa couple in every room and every handbag. Taylor Swift I don’t get at all. But that’s a generation thing. The Rolling Stones now . . .

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  4. Autumn and Netflix would be on my favourites list 🙂 I don’t drink tea (or coffee), Disney doesn’t have the same appeal it did when my kids were younger and I could enjoy it with them, and I can never lay my hands on a bookmark, pen, or blank piece of paper when I need one!

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  5. Pets are just the best, dogs are under-posted in the book community, I like cats but I need more dogs haha. I love to bullet journal, I use it more for therapeutic reasons than to actually plan things. Sitting down and drawing everything is super relaxing to me!

    Great post Stephen! 🙂

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  6. This list is so on point! Stationery, autumn, and K-dramas are all among my favorite things 🤩 The one thing I can’t relate to is Taylor Swift, but that’s mostly because all of my playlists consist of musicals… so you got me there either way 😂 Great post Stephen!! ❤️

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    1. Thank you so much, Abby! ❤ I’m glad you found it so relatable, and you were the first person who came to my mind when I included musicals ☺

      How is everything with you? I hope school is going well and not proving too overwhelming! 🥰🥰

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      1. Hahaha I’m honored! I guess that really says a lot about how much I rave about musicals 😂😂

        Thank you so much for asking! I think everything has settled down a bit, at least compared to the chaotic mess that was October. But I’m still very much looking forward to the holiday break next month 😆 Hopefully I can get up my monthly wrap-up soon so that I can ramble in more detail! 😅

        I hope you have a lovely day Stephen ❤️

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      2. Haha yes, I guess it does! But I do enjoy seeing how much you love them. 🥰

        I’m glad things have eased slightly, looking forward to hearing about it in your wrap-up!

        Thank you, Abby. I hope you are having a great weekend ❤

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  7. Omg this is SO accurate and I love this idea!! This is such a great discussion post. Also yes TEA. I drink a lot of coffee but its mainly for work but I think I prefer tea? Even though I don’t drink it as much haha. Also, you’re totally right about Netflix, for me its just movies in general hehe. And I mean we also love animated films so!! This post is seriously so spot on Stephen *insert starry eyes*

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  8. Ahaha, you’re so spot on with all of these non-bookish favourites! I’ve definitely seen my fair share of pets, Swift appreciation and love for autumn professed in the book blogging community. I have to say that I’m a little surprised that I don’t often see a lot of mention about tea or drinks in general. Maybe I’m missing the conversations 😂 For other artists that have gotten book tags made for them, I did see one on booktube for Ariana Grande’s new album last week, but other than that Swift is definitely special! 😍 Love this post, Stephen!

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  9. This was a really fun post that I enjoyed reading Stephen! 🥰 I also love looking at bloggers pets, although I feel left out not having a bullet journal. Google calendar isn’t quite as aesthetic! 😂 I might add baking to the list as well – I’ve seen lots of book bloggers pair books with baked goodies that look amazing and make me very jealous! 📚❤️ X x x

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    1. Thank you so much, Florence! I’m really glad you enjoyed 🥰 Yes, I don’t keep a bullet journal either and sometimes I wish that I did!
      That’s definitely a good point about baking, I’ve seen several book bloggers talk about that as well. And of course, we all love cake! ❤

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  10. Yes yes yes. I feel like you are writing about me here 😂
    However, disagree with Tea. I don’t understand the whole craze about it. I would rather have coffee but don’t really do hot drinks on a regular basis

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