The Cake Flavoured Book Tag

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Hello everyone,

I am very excited for this latest tag because it is all about books and cake, which in my opinion is the most perfect of combinations! I found the tag on Leisha’s blog and I knew straight away that I needed to do this. Do give Leisha a follow by the way, she is so kind and lovely.

The prompts here are a lot of fun too, so let’s get started…

CHOCOLATE — a dark book that you loved

I often read mysteries and thrillers, and the darker ones are often the most memorable. Of the ones I have read this year, The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell stands out. It has a creepy main setting and an intimidating atmosphere which I really enjoyed, while some of the characters are twisted and unpredictable. A great book.

VANILLA —  favourite light read

I usually consider most Young Adults relatively light compared to some of the other books I read, but if I were to choose a book totally devoid of any sensitive topics, I would say Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, it’s so joyful and whimsical!

RED VELVET — a book that gave you mixed emotions.

For this one I am going to choose one of my most recent reads, How To Disappear by Gillian McAllister. I absolutely loved the concept and the tension that permeated throughout, but I just felt as though there was something missing. The storytelling was just slightly off, which was unusual for this author and also frustrating for me, as it could so easily have been a five star read.

CHEESECAKE — a book that you’d recommend to everyone

That would definitely be The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. It is not only an extremely relevant book that educates on the topic of racism, but it is also brilliantly written with very well developed characters. I loved in for so many reasons and it left a lasting impact.

COFFEE — a book that you started but never finished.

I hardly ever DNF a book. I mean it would need to be shockingly bad for me to decide to put it down. The last book I chose not to finish was The Boat by Clara Salaman, which I randomly picked up from the library in 2018. I hated the writing so it was actually an easy decision not to keep going.

CARROT — a book with great writing

I have a lot of books with incredible writing, but the one that stands out more than any other is Circe. Every sentence is the bookish equivalent of a work of art as Madeline Miller puts words together so beautifully. The book may be a little short on plot, but the writing is a tour de force.

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Happy reading 🙂

16 thoughts on “The Cake Flavoured Book Tag

  1. Thank you so much for tagging me, Stephen! Loved your answers. THUG is one of my favourite books and I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’ve heard great things about Circe and need to check this out 🙂

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  2. I loved some of the books you listed here too! The Family Upstairs was so darn good! It was my first Lisa Jewell! Circe was written beautifully! And I loved THUG too! What a fun post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am now… very hungry lmao. Loved reading all your answers Stephen. Yesss THUG is so brilliant and I actually really should reread bc I’ve forgotten a lot of the plot. Concrete Rose also looks super good ah. Also SO SO excited to read Circe (and The Song of Achilles) hehe

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This tag made me feel hungry too 😂 I’m glad you enjoyed the post. The writing in Circe is beautiful, but for me The Song of Achilles is an even better book!! 😍 I can’t wait to hear what you think of both of them, Ruby.

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