Poem – A Bookish Distraction

Hello everyone,

It feels like forever since I last shared a bookish poem, but now I am back with another one that explores a topic that I am sure many book lovers can relate to.

We all enjoy reading, perhaps more than anything else, but often social media can provide a distraction and we end up staring at our mobile phones instead of a book! This poem tries to capture that. I hope you like it!

A pile of books rests by your side
Waiting patiently there to be read
But your eyes exist only for the phone,
And its invasive display of a lengthy Twitter thread

The minutes pass and you are still transfixed
Lying there oblivious as time seeps away
You started, and now you can’t stop
And all thought of reading is cast firmly in the shade

I see you type out a out a message;
Scrolling away through an entire afternoon;
Falling in love with a photo of a book
While neglecting the ones sat right next to you

When at last your mind escapes the screen
Your faithful books stare back with renewed interest
You pick one up and feel what you’ve missed
Open it now and then the magic can commence

Did you like this poem? I would love to hear your thoughts, positive or negative. Let me know in the comments!

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