Goodreads Challenge 2019 Summary and Stats

Hello everyone, Welcome to my final blog post of 2019! It is time to look back at all the books I read during the year, and compile some rather interesting statistics relating to them, which provide a useful insight into my current reading habits and preferences. My Goodreads target for the year was 50 books, … Continue reading Goodreads Challenge 2019 Summary and Stats

Review of 2019

Hello everyone, We are not only reaching the end of another year, but also the end of a decade. It feels like the time has moved along very quickly, but as I look back now I realise that an incredible amount has happened in my life in the last 10 years. Lots of good things, … Continue reading Review of 2019

Book Review – Apple Of My Eye by Claire Allan

Pages: 317 Published: 24th January 2019 Genre: Domestic Thriller Trigger warnings: Child death, attempted suicide When a mysterious note arrives for six months pregnant Dr Eliana Hughes, she begins to doubt every aspect of her life – from her mixed feelings about motherhood to her marriage to Martin, who has become distant in recent months. As the person behind … Continue reading Book Review – Apple Of My Eye by Claire Allan