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Hello everyone,

I was tagged by the wonderful Meeghan to write this interesting post. Do check out her blog, where she combines books and baking.

Unlike Meeghan, I really don’t like coffee! So it is rather fortunate that the questions in this tag are all about books. Here we go!

Black Coffee | Name A Series That’s Tough To Get Into But Has Hardcore Fans:

This is a difficult one for me, because whenever I start a series I generally continue with it. If I had to choose, it would be Lord of the Rings. As much as I admire Tolkien’s work, I have always struggled to get into it.

Peppermint Mocha | Name A Book That Gets More Popular During the Winter or A Festive Time of Year:

It would have to be The Bear and the Nightingale and the rest of the Winternight Trilogy. That series just evokes winter, and is suitably atmospheric.

Hot Chocolate | What Is Your Favourite Children’s Book?

Although Harry Potter is often classed as a children’s book series, I will not choose that. My other favourite author when I was a child was Roald Dahl, and I especially loved Matilda.

Double Shot of Espresso | Name A Book That Kept You On the Edge Of Your Seat From Start to Finish:

That would have to be Close To Home by Cara Hunter. All of the books in her series so far have kept me turning the pages due to the number of twists and a fast-paced narrative, but especially this one!

Starbucks | Name A Book You See Everywhere:

At the moment, the book that I see the most and seems to appear on every bookish list you could possibly imagine, is The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon.

Although I don’t often read epic fantasy, I am tempted to read it. Mind you, it is LONG!

The Hipster Coffee Shop | Give A Book By An Indie Author A Shout Out:

It has to be A Different Time by Michael K. Hill, which I am reviewing in my next blog post as part of the Ultimate Blog Tour.

Oops! I Accidentally Ordered Decaf | Name A Book You Were Expecting More Of:

The Innocent Wife by Amy Lloyd. It was a highly anticipated read, but for me it fell very flat.

The Perfect Blend | Name A Book Or Series That Was Both Bitter And Sweet, But Ultimately Satisfying:

This is a difficult question. I am going to choose Turtles All The Way Down. I thought that was an excellent book with some bittersweet moments, and I loved the ending.

Chai Tea | Name a Book Or Place Series That Makes You Dream Of Far Off Places

Another difficult one! I pay a lot of attention to settings and have come across many interesting places. But the first thing I think of is Narnia, so I shall choose that.

Earl Grey | Name Your Favourite Classic:

I haven’t read nearly enough classics, but my favourite one is Wuthering Heights.

I Tag:

Everyone who wants to have a go at this tag!

Happy reading 🙂

25 thoughts on “The Coffee Book Tag

  1. Ha! I may love coffee, but it doesn’t love me… There should be a ‘Tea Book tag’, and if there isn’t, we should make one!!
    And yes, Narnia is beautiful and makes me want to check every wardrobe for portals!! Lovely answers!!

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  2. I wanted to read ‘The Innocent Wife’, after a reading fiasco of ‘The Silent Patient’, belonging to the same genre. I was a little hesitant before, but now I have made up mind, it’s a big no for me. I don’t know why some of the recent physcological thrillers promising to be the best reads, fall flat on their faces. Are you fond of this genre?

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  3. Fun tag! Happy to have found your blog (via Susan Crosby’s). 🙂

    Yup The Bear and the Nightingale is EVERYWHERE in winter! 🙂 So I said, why resist then? I hope to get to it this winter 😉

    I was enjoying Turtles until I got distracted by my September TBR. Hope to finish it soon 🙂

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