Poem – A Place To Escape

Hello everyone,

I have a new poem to share with you today. It is the first one I have written for a long time, and a slightly more personal one than normal.

In general, I read because it is one of my favourite activities, but there have been times this year where I perhaps have treated it as more of an escape because of illness.

Here is my poem, where I try to capture those feelings.

The story resides in my embattled mind
Providing a most welcome escape
It transports me to a place of marvellous beauty
Far removed from my miserable state

The words fall into place without effort
Setting my imagination ablaze
Hours later and the book is complete
And the real world is merely a haze

If only I could dissolve into these pages
Exist in their amazing realm,
Follow its clear, illuminating path,
Remove myself from this troubled shell

Yet the next book brings a new adventure
Another place to inhabit and new characters to adore
It may not bring all the answers I need
But it’s just the distraction I am looking for.


What did you think of this poem? Let me know in the comments. 🙂


16 thoughts on “Poem – A Place To Escape

  1. I think you’ve captured a feeling that many of us have had. We’ve all had times when sickness, bad circumstances, etc., overwhelm us, and reading provides a temporary escape from the negative things in our lives. The characters often feel like friends! People who aren’t big readers don’t understand this, I’ve found. Great work.

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  2. Wow!!! That was wonderful, it truly captures the beauty of being a reader. Made me feel teary reading it. Books are truly the best escape and a chance for us to live another life. Keep writing, please.

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