Kindle Vocabulary Builder #4

Hello everyone,

One of the fun and perhaps lesser known features of a Kindle is the Vocabulary Builder, which is a perfect tool for people like me who enjoy learning new words and vocabulary!

It allows you to store all of the words that have looked up the definition for while reading. They automatically appear there once highlighted, and you can review, study, and master the words at a later date.

Here are eight more of the words the I have added to the Vocabulary Builder – some of them are very random! Definitions from Oxford Dictionaries

Word: Inimical
Definition: Tending to obstruct or harm.

Word: Gamboge
Definition: A gum resin produced by various East Asian trees, used as a yellow pigment and in medicine as a purgative.

Word: Chenille
Definition: A velvety cord or yarn, used for trimming furniture and made into carpets or clothing.

Word: Gainsay
Definition: To deny or contradict a fact or statement.

Word: Jabot
Definition: An ornamental frill or ruffle on the front of a shirt or blouse, typically made of lace.

Word: Coterie
Definition: A small group of people with shared interests or tastes, especially one that is exclusive of other people.

Word: Cerise
Definition: A light clear red colour.

Word: Narthex
Definition: An antechamber or large porch in a church.

Have you come across any of these words? Are any them new to you? Do let me know in the comments!

Happy reading 🙂

4 thoughts on “Kindle Vocabulary Builder #4

    1. Thank you! It is a great feature, the last two books I have read on my Kindle are The Winter Of The Witch and The Doll Factory, so most of those words came from them. 🙂

      Enjoy your Kindle! My main tip is to make use of the highlights feature, it is very helpful!

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