Tag | 50 Things That Make Me Happy (Blogmas #18)

Happy Christmas Eve everyone,

I have another tag today, and I thought my final Blogmas post of 2018 was the perfect time to do this one. Many thanks to India for nominating me, and do check out her amazing blog!

50 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Sitting comfortably and reading a book
  2. Writing
  3. Friends
  4. Learning something new
  5. Visiting and exploring new places, and taking in the sights
  6. Reading a plot twist that I was not expecting
  7. Tea
  8. The blogging community
  9. Feeling organised
  10. Being in a bookshop or library
  11. Going on holiday
  12. When a social interaction goes well
  13. Football (soccer)
  14. Cats
  15. When my latest magazine articles are published
  16. Harry Potter
  17. Listening to music
  18. Working at university open days. They are such fun events to be part of.
  19. Doctor Who
  20. Getting questions right in quizzes
  21. Helping others
  22. Meeting a genuinely nice person
  23. Strictly Come Dancing
  24. Long walks
  25. When an online order (usually a book) is delivered
  26. Having a tidy desk at work, or just tidying and rearranging things in general
  27. Watching a captivating film that I don’t want to end
  28. Seeing a friend who I haven’t seen for a long time
  29. Travelling
  30. Museums and Galleries
  31. Fine Art
  32. The sound of the rain outside
  33. Family
  34. Receiving good feedback on something
  35. Going the extra mile to help someone
  36. Cooking. I don’t cook that much, but when I do I enjoy it!
  37. Cake
  38. When something I feel nervous about turns out going well
  39. Feeling productive, either at work or with my writing
  40. Reaching my Goodreads target
  41. When the clocks go forward and it is lighter in the evenings
  42. When something I do goes according to plan
  43. Nice book covers
  44. Learning French on Duolingo
  45. Italian food – especially pasta!
  46. Looking at old family photos
  47. Hearing a good song I haven’t listened to in ages
  48. Equality, diversity and inclusion
  49. Poetry
  50. Christmas!

Coming up with 50 things was not as easy as it first appears! I am not going to tag anybody this time, but if you would like to do this challenge, consider yourself tagged!

Have a great Christmas!

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