Poem – The Festive Bookshelf (Blogmas #9)

Hello everyone,

I have written another bookish poem which I am really excited to share, and this time I have given it a bit of a festive feel. It is blogmas after all!

It did not take me long to write this poem. Sometimes it can take me ages to decide on the odd troublesome line, but the words flowed quite well this time. I would describe this poem as cosy and bittersweet.

It is called ‘The Festive Bookshelf’. I hope you like it!

Candles flicker with decorative light
Curtains rattle, struck by a wintry breeze

As the pages rest calmly on the polished wood
Bound by spines that bring them pace

Here they shall rest in silence
Waiting patiently to be held;
Admired by their loving collector
Whose devotion is keenly felt

For as many joys the world might bring
In as many years one may live
This grand assembly of perfection
Will forever be the ideal gift

And as the tinsel clings to lonesome bookmarks
A miniature tree glows and performs its spell
Casting the magic, resplendent colours
Of the sparkling festive bookshelf

Did you like this poem? I would love to know your thoughts. Let me know in the comments!

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