Kindle Vocabulary Builder #1

Hello everyone,

First of all I have to thank Rae @ Thrifty Bibliophile for coming up with the idea for this post. I came across it on her wonderful blog (which you must follow, by the way!), and decided that I would like some of these posts myself.

One of the impressive features of a Kindle is the Vocabulary Builder, which allows you to store all of the words that have looked up the definition for while reading. They automatically appear there once highlighted, and you can review, study, and master the words at a later date.

Since I got my Kindle just over a year ago, I have added a lot of words to my vocabulary builder. Here are eight of them, definitions from Oxford Dictionaries

Word: Virulent
Definition: (of a disease or poison) extremely severe or harmful in its effects. Also: Bitterly hostile

Word: Gossamer
Definition: A fine, filmy substance consisting of cobwebs spun by small spiders, seen especially in autumn.

Word: Carafe
Definition: An open-topped glass flask used for serving wine or water in a restaurant.

Word: Neutropenia
Definition: The presence of abnormally few neutrophils in the blood, leading to increased susceptibility to infection.

Word: Topiary
Definition: The art or practice of clipping shrubs or trees into ornamental shapes.

Word: Chiffon
Definition: A light, transparent fabric typically made of silk or nylon.

Word: Newel
Definition: The central supporting pillar of a spiral or winding staircase.

Word: Insouciant
Definition: Showing a casual lack of concern.

Have you come across these words? Are any them new to you? Do let me know in the comments!

Happy reading 🙂

5 thoughts on “Kindle Vocabulary Builder #1

  1. I have definitely used this feature when trying to learn Spanish by reading Harry Potter in Spanish. I have never bothered with English writing but maybe I should.

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