Poem – The Missing Words

Hello everyone,

I have a new poem that I would like to share. This time I have tried to describe how it feels to be in a writing slump, which is something many of us experience every now and then, and how demoralising it can feel.

I thought of this poem while I was on the train, last Friday. I had a nice day out in Devon, where it felt like summer! On the way there, as well as reading on my Kindle and writing down blog post ideas, I scribbled down these four verses.

The poem is called ‘The Missing Words’

I fall into an endless loop
The futile gathering of ideas
A loss of inspiration, a loss of identity
The most acute of my fears

Talent suddenly slides away
Creativity erodes like a battered rock
In my painful wait for that elusive flicker
That sparks an end to this writer’s block

I stare at my screen
And a sequence of mismatched words
Typed on my fair-weather keyboardย 
It could hardly be worse

One feels it may last forever
Along that stubborn passage of time
As I pursue those first few lines
Hidden shrewdly in plain sight

Sure, this definitely is not the happiest of poems! But did you like it? I would love to know your thoughts, positive or negative!

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