Discussion – How Long Should Book Reviews Be?

Hello everyone,

Welcome to a discussion post! I have not written one for ages, but now I have finally come up with some ideas and hope to share them with you soon!

So what is a good length for a book review?

This question has come to me through my experience of being a book blogger, writing my own reviews for this blog, and reading the wonderful reviews that other members of our community have done.

When I first started, my reviews were fairly short, mainly consisting of an overview of the story and my overall thoughts. But since then, they have gradually become longer, to the extent that they often reach the 500-word mark. My review ofย Lethal Whiteย that I wrote last week came to 698 words!

Is that too long? When I write about a book, I really like to examine and analyse several aspects of it, going through all of the main positives and negatives in detail, and also give it a personal touch. But sometimes I wonder if it is just a bit too much, maybe I can summarise it in fewer words and still essentially say the same things.

After all, the shorter reviews I read on other blogs convey a lot. From reading these reviews, I often get a sense of what the book really was about, as well as personal thoughts and emotions based on how it all played out. There is an art to describing entire books in short, sharp detail, and I haven’t mastered it yet!

I am also conscious of the fact that some might not want read such a long review post. My attitude to blogging has always been to be honest and to be myself, so I am not going to change my style. However, I do occasionally wonder if my reviews are too long for the casual reader.

My personal opinion on this discussion is that reviews can be any length, as long as they are cover all the basics and don’t contain too much waffle. Less can definitely mean more, although there is nothing wrong with going into detail!

Where do you stand on book reviews? What is the right length for you? How detailed should they be?
Let me know in the comments!

Happy reading ๐Ÿ™‚

12 thoughts on “Discussion – How Long Should Book Reviews Be?

  1. I am trying for shorter reviews. Not many would read long reviews as there is no time. I read hundreds of blogs per day. I don’t have the time to read them all. So I assume others too are busy, so I am trying for shorter reviews. Some books I succeed, some I don’t

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  2. Mine tends to be quite lengthy ๐Ÿ˜‚ I try to be concise and to the point but when I try to stress/convey my points, I tend to think I have to cover my feelings and that eventually makes my reviews longer… darn!

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    1. I think longer reviews are fine within reason – after all my reviews can sometimes be very long!
      And your reviews are amazing, Noriko! I like how you go into detail and discuss your feelings on a book ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Thank you, Stephen! Nah, yours are way shorter than mine, my japanese friends are always complaining about my lengthy reviews! LOL

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  3. I don’t think that there should be a specified length for book reviews and, as you say, less means more in many cases. I also agree that the best book reviews are more analytical than descriptive but often it also depends on your thoughts. Sometimes, we may not have much to say or may be able to express our thoughts in very few sentences whereas other times we may need to go more in depth.
    Great discussion post on a very current topic!

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  4. I’ve thought about this from time to time as well. Like you, I kinda just stick to whatever I’m feeling at the time. If my thoughts take up a lot of space, great! If not, I’m okay posting a shorter review ๐Ÿ™‚ Great topic discussion!!

    Erica | Erica Robyn Reads

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  5. I write relatively long reviews because it’s just my style, I like to have full paragraphs and go a little more in depth because that’s just the layout that works for me. I’ve found my ‘perfect’ length and honestly if people want to read it they will and if people don’t then so be it!
    Unfortunately review posts don’t seem to do as well now days so I don’t stress either way, it’s there if someone pipes an interest. At the end of the day everyone has a different review style much like we all have different reading styles! It is what is is!
    Although, not going to lie… I think we’ve all been in a position at least once where we’ve considered changing our styles for what ever reason! ๐Ÿ˜‚

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    1. I enjoyed reading your thoughts, Shannon! It’s great that you have found your ideal length and layout, and I like your outlook. My reviews have usually been quite in-depth, more so over this last year as I have become a more experienced reader.

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