Monthly Wrap-Up – July 2018

Hello everyone,

We have already reached the end of July! It has come and gone in double quick time and I went through something of a writing slump, but I managed to fit in plenty of reading and that definitely made up for it!

So overall I finished nine books in July, which is more than I have ever read before in a month. After finishing off the buddy read I started in June, I went on a bit of a reading spree which ended in a challenging but incredibly fun 24-hour readathon last weekend.

I am now only five books away from successfully completing my Goodreads challenge for this year. That really is beyond all my wildest expectations – I thought my target of 45 was ambitious, but in 2018 I have embraced reading like never before.

But without further ado, here are the books I completed in July:


Click on the links to see my reviews 🙂 :

The Accident
No Further Questions
Behind Your Eyes
You Sent Me A Letter
See How They Lie
The Missy Chronicles (Goodreads)
Younger Every Day (Goodreads)

I spent a lot of time with my blog in July, but there was only room for one proper discussion post, about the significance of a synopsis:

Writing A Synopsis

As for my own writing, it was a tough month, as I took three weeks away from my work in progress and found it hard to get motivated, but this week I returned to it and so far things have picked up. Long may that continue!

I had a new magazine article to write, too, and I found that more difficult than normal. But hey, 2018 has been a very productive year of writing so far, so maybe the going had to get trickier at some stage.

And this wrap-up would not be complete without sharing two of my favourite posts from elsewhere in the book blogging community:

I think that is everything…hope you all have a wonderful August!

Happy reading 🙂

6 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up – July 2018

  1. Well done for reading 9 books this month! I’ve only read An Abundance of Katherines from that list and I’d love to hear what you thought about it!

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    1. Thank you! An Abundance of Katherines was an enjoyable, funny and quick read, though the ending was predictable.
      I love reading John Green’s books and his writing style, they are like a kind of escapism from other books I read!

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