Poetry – The Recital

Hello everyone,

Well, it is a long time since I last shared a poem with you on this blog, and there is a very simple (and complicated!) reason for that: The dreaded mental block 😦 .

I first tried to write this poem a few weeks ago, but I just could not think of ONE good line, like my brain was refusing to co-operate. Thankfully, I have come up with something I am quite pleased with.

It is about when one of my friends invited me to watch her piano recital, at the end of May. It is called simply, The Recital. I hope you like it!

My heart fills with warmth
With each passing note
A player alone with her keys;
An expectant audience holds its breath

Her nerves filter through the grateful hall
Pages are flipped by shaking fingers
Each pause a deafening silence
As she relays the beauty of Bach

I smile as her melody prevails;
A song of spirit and success
The sumptuous sound drowns all else;
A ring of brightness under stormy skies

The antidote to the lashing rain
Assaulting our shrouded windows
Through which the purple hue of the sky
Shines a spotlight on our top performer

And I watch from the lofty balcony,
Applaud with sheer delight
Humbled by her invitation
Her recital etched in my mind

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