Engaging with Authors

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend, and that the weather where you are is just as perfect for outdoor reading and relaxing as it is here.

Today I wanted to talk about how we as readers and book fanatics interact with authors. Twitter has made a massive difference in enabling us to communicate with all kinds of public figures, such as politicians, sportspeople and television personalities, but I have noticed that a lot of authors and writers are especially open to an online discussion.

A lot of current or emerging authors have successfully built their profiles online. Platforms such as NetGalley and Booktasters have allowed readers free access to a book in exchange for an honest review. We have mysterious things called Blog Tours which I still don’t properly understand 😉 , and of course most authors are active on Goodreads.

Just this week, I have seen at least three cover reveals on Twitter. They now seem like really big social media events! Although in fairness, most new covers are amazing works of art and actually seeing them just increases our anticipation of a book by an extra notch, right?

As for my own experience of interacting with authors, it is not something I have done all that much. Occasionally when I share my book reviews, I @ the author in a tweet, but I don’t do it so often. I might have to start doing it a little more, because they have only ever given me positive feedback.

Some authors have surprised me in that they read every single review going for their books, even on an obscure blog like mine! They even share it with all their Twitter followers, which I must admit does feel pretty rewarding 🙂

Just the other day I shared my review of My Mother’s Secret, and the author Sanjida Kay was wonderful. Not only did she share an extract from my review, she sent me a really lovely tweet that made the review even more worth writing:

The only novelist that I remember actually meeting was David Nicholls, the author of One Day and Us among others. He spoke at an event organised by the University of Bristol in September 2016, and as a member of staff, I had free access. Although he was there mainly to talk about his screenwriting, it was still a very interesting and insightful evening.

So just to sum it up, I feel that authors are really approachable and have embraced the online reading and book blogging community to such a great extent. I enjoy the chance to interact, and I am hoping for much more of that in the future!

Happy reading 🙂

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