My Writing Week #2

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to say that this has been a productive writing (and reading!) week. Each day has followed the same pattern: Wake up, go to work, read a lot, then write a lot. The perfect life 😉

With the final deadline coming up next Friday, I have made good progress on the last of my three magazine articles for the next issue, having finished the other two over the weekend.

So far, I am a little over 900 words into the main feature, which has a strict word count of 1,250 words. Once I get that done, I will finish off with two sidebars, which will come to about 250 words each.

Deadlines often freak me out the first time I see them, so I always do everything I can to ensure that nothing is left until the last minute, otherwise the pressure can increase my anxiety levels.

Because of this, my technique with deadlines is to work at a steady pace and make sure I am always on track to finish a couple of days ahead of the deadline. There is no need to get it all down at once – as long as I set myself small targets to reach a certain number of words by a certain time, it makes me feel more at ease.

Aside from my magazine work, I have managed to make some progress on the biography I am working on, and I found time to blog my latest book review on Monday. Meanwhile, I wrote my own Goodreads author profile bio the other day, and it was a rather strange feeling to write about myself in the third person!

There is plenty more writing for me to be getting along with in the next few days, so time to bring it on!

My last writing week post can be found here.

Happy writing (and reading) 🙂

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