Five Years as a Writer

This week marks five years since I became a writer.

I absolutely adore writing. It is such a big part of my life, and the ability to do it well means a lot. When I am feeling down or in some kind of slump, writing something that I am happy with goes a long way towards lifting my spirits.

I have always found that writing allows me to express myself better. When I speak, I can sometimes hesitate or struggle to find the right words. But when I write, the words just flow naturally and I can use them to good effect.

Five years ago, I was coming to the end of my A-Levels and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do afterwards. I knew I liked to write, but it was difficult to find any opportunities. But then I was given my first chance to write for a website, and it progressed from there.

All of the writing I have done has been in my spare time. It has involved a lot of work, but it has been so rewarding. I look back at some of my writing from five years ago and think: ‘Was I really that bad?’, but it just goes to show how much I think I have improved. Back then, I was always feeling anxious about my writing and worrying that it was not good enough.

My website work finished back in 2016, by which time I had been working at the University of Bristol for over a year. But I still writing magazine articles every two months, and doing as much writing as ever.

Last year I published my e-book, and I am currently working on another one which is so far 27,000 words long. And of course I have this blog, which has helped me improve my writing greatly, inspired by fellow bloggers.

I do have some regrets. All of my writing to date has been non-fiction, so I would really like to get started on a novel or short story soon, especially being a book lover!

Blogging about books and writing has probably given me the greatest enjoyment. While most of my other work has been about sport – my other main interest – I love sharing my passion for books, and I think that is where the future will mostly lie.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone,

Happy writing (and reading!) 🙂

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