Take a Book, Leave a Book

I am so often side tracked by books. For example, if I walk past a bookshop I feel like I almost have to go inside and browse for some time, ranging from 10 minutes to two hours (depends on the size of the shop!).

I’ve been known to spend entire afternoons at libraries, and there have been events I’ve not attended because I am too consumed in a book. And as us readers know, it’s almost always worth it!

Even where I work, books are fairly close at hand. It’s a university, so naturally.

My responsibilities cover five different sites. Many of the books you would come across are very specialist, and for academic purposes. Most of these are not something I would read, but some are very interesting.

Just before Christmas I came across a BBC pronunciation guide from about 1970. Doesn’t sound interesting, but the introduction gave quite an insight into the social attitudes of the time. Let’s just say the language and gender stereotypes used would rightly be considered unacceptable now.

But if there’s somewhere at the university where we have ‘proper’ (I mean non-academic) books, look no further than the home of the student union.

In the entrance hall there is a small bookshop which also sells useful stationery and souvenirs. Across the hall, there is the door that leads into the bar.

This area is a very chilled out. So far i have never paid much attention to the bar and what is served there. Instead I have only ever had eyes for the bookcase at the back of the room.

Thanks to this bookcase I have added several books to my reading list. It is a perfect distraction, so I always need to make sure I don’t spend too long skimming through, as after all I am at work!

The bookcase has a Take a Book, Leave a Book policy, so in order to actually take a book from there, I need to lose one from my collection. That’s a choice I still have to make…

So basically the story of this post is that I get distracted or diverted by books. A lot. Is it the same for you? If it is, I’d love to hear an example!

18 thoughts on “Take a Book, Leave a Book

  1. Yes! It is so easy to get lost in books. Last night, I told myself I was just going to stop in a bookstore and look for a few minutes. FOUR HOURS LATER, they came and told me I had to leave because it was closing. I checked the time, and yes, it was in fact ten o’clock.

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    1. Love it!! It has happened to me several times where I have gone into a bookstore with the intention of having a quick look around, and I end up staying in there for ages. I’m not sure if I have ever managed four hours, so congratulations on that! It is also strange how time seems to speed up when this happens ☺

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  2. I do the very same thing, I go to my local library every month and always spend entirely way too much time browsing the shelves and picking up more books than I should but it’s enjoyable. The ones I don’t pick up after admonishing myself that I have a stack to read first, I always end up pulling my phone out just to note them on Goodreads.

    That take a book leave a book shelf at the bar sounds intriguing! I kind of wish the university I work at had one, though I’d be hesitant deciding what to leave, as most of the books I purchase for myself are ones I really want to own. I love the idea of it though!

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    1. Yes, it is so easy to lose track of time when you are surrounded by books! Like you, I often find myself getting my phone out in bookstores so I can add some to my Goodreads list.
      The take or leave bookshelf is great, but I rarely have a book to leave, as I don’t have many that I am willing to part with!

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  3. I never even think of going into a bookstore with the idea of coming out soon, coz I know I won’t… I sometimes just carve out a whole day or atleast an afternoon to visit one, and just spend time walking around the store between the books.. it’s just so beautiful and peaceful and I never wanna come out 😊😊
    Thank you for writing this post.. it’s so relatable!!

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    1. Thank you, Daniela! I always try to include trigger warnings in my reviews because as a reader it is not good to be confronted with something that may affect you. And yes, missing child stories do make excellent book themes! They offer scope for power and sensitivity as well as a good mystery!

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  4. Great post! Really 🙂 It’s not just a generic comment. I’m happy I read it. The dictionary sounds interesting, actually. It’s amazing how many interesting books are out there, especially if you realise we are not talking only about fiction books. Well, to answer your question. Nope, I don’t get distracted by books in the same way you get distracted by them because there are no physical books around (no shops, no libraries). But I do get distracted by online bookstores. Although, maybe it’s not a distraction but the main road to follow! 😉

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    1. Thank you so much! There are all kinds of interesting books around, and I have come across some of them unexpectedly, a few of which were non-fiction.
      And yes, perhaps books should be front and centre, not the distraction!
      By the way, my preferred genre is mystery/thriller/crime, so I mostly review those kind of books 🙂

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      1. I’ve had really bad luck with thrillers. It’s so hard to find one where the plot isn’t based on a character just being silly or on some boogeyman suddenly appearing and explaining all the plot holes. But I’m still trying and from time to time I find good ones. I love non-fiction too, especially something from popular science, when an author explains difficult things in an easy understandable way. I’m really curious about those too. Anyway, happy to have found you here. Let’s keep in touch. How often to you post here?

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      2. I know what you mean. Thrillers can sometimes be hit and miss, and rely on inconsistent plot devices. I would love to keep in touch – I try to post about 3 times per week (usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

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