Exam Time

Today, students returned to university after the festive break, and that means only one thing: It is now exam and assessment time.

As someone who deals with students each day and acts as their first point of contact, I know it is quite a busy time and I must admit I am grateful at not being the one being assessed!

So this is my tentative return to poetry, and I try to capture the atmosphere of it all here. Hope you like it!

Holding your breath as the test arrives
An adrenaline rush as the panic sets in
Eyes weary from unwavering anxiety
From poring over revision notes
Hours spent in the faithful library
Hoping it’s all worthwhile

There’s no help left to call upon
Just you and your script and a ticking clock
As others look on, indifferent to your stress
Nowhere to hide and nothing to fall back on
Scrawling answers with no conviction
Yet willing to go the extra mile

Feeling runs high in this fierce fortnight
The pressure palpitates through exam room doors
Corridors awash with tangible tension
As students aim to fulfil their intentions
And all the while we watch on
Safe in the office with such problems gone.

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