My 2017 In Brief

On the face of it, 2017 seems to have flown by. But now, with time to reflect and to consider how much I’ve done over the last 12 months, I can conclude that it’s been a really eventful time. It’s not the most varied year I’ve ever had, but I can certainly say that I’ve achieved a lot.

Writing and Blogging

This year I managed to successfully complete and publish a Kindle e-book, called Rovers in Review. In doing so I fulfilled a long-term ambition, and it’s given me the confidence that I can write in the longer format. So much work went into it, so the knowledge that I’m now a published author feels very rewarding!

Elsewhere, my on/off relationship with this blog continues. After my attempt at being a full-time book blogger failed in September, I have just decided to value this site a little more, and write whatever I feel like writing about. I’ll try and aim it more towards books, but there’s no set theme…

I have also continued to write regular articles for the Soccer 360 magazine, but I’ll never be able to contribute again to the website that gave me my writing break, due to a change of ownership.


I have read more books in 2017 than in any other year, so I’m really happy about this, too! My two favourites have got to be Everything But The Truth by Gillian McAllister, and Good Me, Bad Me by Ali Land.

Nowadays I mostly read domestic thrillers or crime fiction, but my favourite books will always be Harry Potter. I spent the summer re-reading them again, the perfect way to honour 20 years since it all began.


This year I completed my Level 3 Apprenticeship in Business Administration, and became a permanent staff member at the University of Bristol, something which I’d wanted for so long.

It meant that I had to leave the Clinical Research and Imaging Centre (CRICBristol) after two and-a-half truly amazing and defining years, getting a new job in the School of Arts. I have a lot of responsibility, but I’m happy with how I’ve settled in.

But for me the most important thing about work is the people I work with. At the university I love the interactions I have with the staff and the students, and I’ve got to know some lovely people and made some very good friends.

And Finally…

Going through these achievements helps to remind me about the progress I’ve made in my life in 2017, but it’s not all been positive. There have been some difficult periods where I have struggled with severe anxiety and self-doubt. All I can say is that it’s good that mental health awareness is finally improving.

But looking to 2018, I have fairly high ambitions. If I can build on what I’ve done in 2017 in terms of my work, my writing and other things, then it should be another fulfilling year.

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