This blog acts like some kind of reassuring presence, as each time I think about doing other things or trying something else, I find myself returning to it. My plans are either too bold, or I just happen to lack the time or the commitment to fulfil them.

So far I’ve struggled to find a target audience or a devoted subject for my blog posts, so I’ve decided now to settle on writing for the fun of it, and if anybody else reads my posts and likes them, then great!

Now then, in these last three days of the week I have stepped away from work, just to use up the outstanding annual leave I’ve got left for this year. Yesterday I spent my time doing some Christmas shopping in the Midlands, as well as taking in some of the tourist attractions (I love museums in particular!).

It was a good day. I learned a lot about the area’s heritage, had a nice lunch, and discovered some more books to add to my ever-growing reading list. There was a major Christmas feel, as the market stands was stretched right across the thoroughfares, and a choir of schoolchildren belted out a number of festive tunes, performing on a stage.

The one continuous factor, however, was the cold. It’s hardly surprising given the time of year, but it felt like I would be freezing regardless of the number of layers I wore! So in celebration (or indignation) of that, I’ve written a little verse to describe the feeling:

Here comes the wind
Biting like a whip
It’s force beckons me indoors
My body seizes up, shrouded
By the onrushing cold
It clings to my skin;
Paralyses my head as December draws in
With an Arctic chill
A burst of cryogens imploring us to take cover
But we find the strength to resist
Fight the freeze with all we have
Call upon the extra layers
And brave the bitter breeze as festivities grow near

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