My Publishing Process

Last week I achieved one of my long-term goals – I published an e-book on Amazon Kindle! I can now officially call myself an author! Here’s to it being the first of many…

The writing and publishing process was a long and difficult one, but the experience was amazing and it has only filled me with a desire to do plenty more. Besides, I rather like writing.

This may disappoint some of you, but it isn’t a work of dramatic fiction or a captivating novel. I want to do fiction some day soon, but much of my background is non-fiction, particularly sport. This book is a documentation of a five-year period of the history of my favourite football club, told mostly from my perspective.

I first had the idea for this book way back at the end of 2013, when I wrote the first 10,000 words or so, a lot of it in first person. But then it got shelved, a decision I took for several reasons:

1. I had lots of other more important things in my life to address;
2. I didn’t have time due to my other writing commitments;
3. I wasn’t a good enough or experienced enough writer at the time.

As I gained more experience through writing for websites and magazines over the years that followed, I detected a major improvement in my standard of writing to the extent where I now feel I’m highly accomplished.

I finished contributing regularly to websites in the summer of 2016, and I thought it was a perfect time to return to my unfinished book. Starting by removing all first-person pronouns, I created a consistent and structured narrative right up until the book’s conclusion; around 80,000 words of copy which I managed to complete by the end of April 2017.

The hardest part given the word count was not repeating myself too often or using the same turns of phrase. I am very particular about my writing style, vocabulary and syntax, so I spent plenty of time deliberating!

But it wasn’t simply a case of writing it. To ensure everything was correct and as detailed as I wanted it, I needed to do a LOT of research across various websites, literature and online sources. There was also plenty of archive footage which I needed to find, watch and accurately describe.

In terms of publishing it, I needed to create an Amazon Kindle account, which consisted of lots of forms that needed filling out. Then came the formatting, a painstaking but strangely enjoyable process.

Obtaining permission from the club took rather longer, with various email threads coming to nothing before I finally got a positive response. A cover photograph was my only expenditure, spending £30 to a professional photographer to provide me with an image from a decade ago.

Even that required a bit of formatting, but it was the final step, and to my great pleasure, I could at last press the ‘publish’ button, some five months after putting the finishing touches to the book.

Hope you didn’t mind me sharing this with you! Back to the actual book talk next time 🙂


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