Air, Land and Sea

This poem is inspired by the movie Dunkirk, which tells the story of the 1940 rescue mission from the seemingly condemned beaches of France. Told from three different perspectives, the end result is a piece of masterful film making, which is produced on an overwhelming scale.

Merciless waves career on to battered sand
As conflict rages across air, sea and land
Young men fighting for the country and ideals they cherish
Where nature decides which of them will perish

Planes hurtle across the beaten skies
One false move and everyone dies
While enemy forces arrive to drop their latest round
Explosives shower those on the ground

Cornered by a ruthlessly superior force
They’ll never be shown any remorse
But spirit lives untarnished and help is at hand
As an inspired rescue mission now takes command

Now comes the time for each unit to combine
As their schedules suddenly intertwine
Stranded boys scramble on boats
And a final air strike keeps them afloat

So they return home, miraculously alive
Wounded by trauma, but grateful to survive
An honourable victory to lift national morale
And quite a remarkable story to tell

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