My Blogging Dilemma

Over the past few weeks and months I have learnt some very valuable lessons. I initially took a break from this blog in May to focus on a busy period fulfilling my other online commitments, but once that was all over I succumbed to a hangover effect, as well as nagging doubts over whether I was able to continue to provide strong and original content.

As someone who blogs, I naturally want my material to attract as large an audience as possible. Although there is nothing wrong with the existing content on this site, I felt that I wasn’t hitting the right notes in some areas, so in recent times I have attempted to re-brand myself with very little success.

If anybody had come across a WordPress site by the name of Everyday Literature, I was the man behind it. I felt I could create a new guise, a platform on which to showcase all forms of literature, even those well beyond my interest and level of knowledge.

Despite some interesting early posts that gained positive feedback, it was clear from an early stage that it was never going to work. I clearly didn’t know enough about what I was writing about. Almost every post took an age to write because of the amount of research I was doing to make my analysis seem moderately credible, and it was eating away precious time I could have spent doing something much more worthwhile.

Everyday Literature was a brainchild which unfortunately fell flat on its face, even after I tried to maintain its legacy by setting up a Twitter account with the same name. I simply don’t have the time to update it on a regular enough basis, certainly not in a way that lives up to the requirements I had in mind when creating it. The moral of this particular story is not to set oneself unrealistic targets, and stick to what you know.

I had lost confidence in this site due to its very rigid concept, and a bout of writer’s cramp along with a loss of inspiration hasn’t helped matters. But in the last couple of days I’ve come to realise that this site represents my best way of salvaging something from WordPress, which is a tool I don’t want to leave behind. Lots of you have read my posts and enjoyed them, so it would be sad for all parties if I turned my back on you.

In order to return to Stephen Writes, I have had to make some changes. I would like to think that many of my future musings will be about books, but I will also use it as a place where I can cover a wide range of topics. I now have a new lease of life, so it is time that I go ahead and make the most of it.

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