Return of the Undercover Squad

Over the last 48 hours one story has dominated the news headlines in the UK - the departure of England football manager Sam Allardyce after just one match and 67 days in charge. This sensational series of events came following a series of revelations exposed by the¬†Daily Telegraph¬†newspaper, whose undercover journalists - posing as businessmen … Continue reading Return of the Undercover Squad


Victims of the Vote

A few days ago a friend of mine witnessed an angry confrontation between two men. One of them was foreign, and for that reason alone the other felt that he had every right to hurl verbal abuse and use language which clearly suggested that he felt he was superior in his environment solely because 'This … Continue reading Victims of the Vote

An Audience with David Nicholls

There are few more prominent authors and screenwriters in Britain today than Dr David Nicholls, so I couldn't miss the opportunity of seeing him discuss his work and inspirations at an event at the University of Bristol, where he graduated in 1988. In a bright and atmospheric lecture theatre, Dr Nicholls provided an extremely fascinating … Continue reading An Audience with David Nicholls