My Poetry – Always There

For some time I have wanted to write a poem that echoes the lyrics of a musical ballad, perhaps with the intention of portraying an excessive degree of sentiment.

So I came up with ‘Always There’, a work which became a little more personal than it was meant to be. In one long verse, I give the impression that I am upset about the relationship I have with a female friend.

Some of the feelings expressed are my true feelings as I can feel rather subordinate when a friend of mine is chatting to somebody else in plain sight, but it is merely an exaggeration; a hypothetical situation which I hope will never reflect reality. Here it is in full:

It’s a cruel feeling
Sickening to the core
It’s eating away at me
And makes me want to live no more
There’s meant to be a power in letting go
But we’ve done too much to finish now
You still need my help
And I still need your ability to wow
A lot has happened
Over this short space of time
You have grown so very quickly
But I hope you’re not leaving it all behind
The battles we’ve fought
Either side of the desk
Maybe they have simply expired
But I don’t want it all laid to rest
You still treat me with adoration
Yet when others arrive
It all feels so hollow

And I’m desperate for our relationship to survive
With others you look so natural
Makes ours just seem like a game
I feel so selfish I hate myself
All because you don’t feel the same
It is impossible to admit how I truly feel
As too much depends on it
But what really frightens the most
Is how it may harm our friendship
I want us to feel close again
But others are standing in my way
You are friendly with them all
And when I see you together
I just waste away
I pretend I’m not around

But the emotions are too powerful
I just can’t control them
It keeps me awake all night, it’s that awful
You reined me in and now I can’t escape
And although the flutters have gone
I still think of you lots
And worry that things are so wrong
I may never get what I desire
But I would like you to know
That I will always be on your side
Always there for you while others come and go

I think that this is one of my more powerful poems as it probably reflects the emotions of a lot of people. It deliberately goes to extremes such as the suicidal thoughts that are expressed early on, while it tells the story of someone who just cannot let go of how he feels, regardless of how much he would like to.

I chose to write it in a single stanza format in order to achieve a better poetic flow. At no point is there an obvious discourse marker to begin a new verse, and this post ends on my piece of literary advice: I may be known for my quatrains, but they should only be used where best applied.

4 thoughts on “My Poetry – Always There

    1. Hi kennixdavid, thank you so much for your positive comments, they are really appreciated. I like the poems you’ve posted, especially the personification you use in the one about candle light.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you so much #stephen5991….. your appreciation is another ballad I would like to put on replay over and over again…. lets keep writing if that is what will change the world


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