Talking about my work

Although very little of it has received the full SEO treatment, I have a very large body of work that exists on the internet. But only those who know me best are fully aware of this extensive portfolio, simply because I hide it from them. To most people in my professional life, I am simply … Continue reading Talking about my work

Poetry – Nothing’s Changed

The release of Nelson Mandela from prison in February 1990 was unquestionably one of the world's defining moments of the last half a century. It helped unite a nation, helped to regain its global status after years of inequality, and most importantly it served as the ultimate confirmation that the Apartheid regime was finally on its way … Continue reading Poetry – Nothing’s Changed

The Woman In Black – Book vs Movie Part Two

Despite a somewhat underdeveloped plot, the movie adaptation of The Woman in Black was perceived to be such a success by its producers that they wanted to make a sequel. However, there hadn’t been a second novel. Determined not for this potentially lucrative opportunity to be wasted, they enlisted original author Susan Hill to come … Continue reading The Woman In Black – Book vs Movie Part Two