The Signature Beat

As 2015 was drawing to a close I was reading the most unconventional book I have ever cast my eyes upon, On The Road  by Jack Kerouac. It was a novel that I knew fairly little about with regards to its contents, but with the full awareness that it was and remains to this day … Continue reading The Signature Beat

The endurance of poetry

In January 2011 I was in the audience at the Colston Hall in the centre of Bristol for Poetry Live, an event that was put on in order to help GCSE students from all of the local schools gain a greater understanding of the subject matter we were studying for section B of our upcoming … Continue reading The endurance of poetry

My Poetry – The boy who brought it down

I work as an university administrator and receptionist, a job that carries a fair amount of responsibility. Given my relative lack of experience I have acquitted myself very well through nearly a year in the role, gaining a huge number of new skills as well as becoming friends and colleagues with loads of wonderful people along … Continue reading My Poetry – The boy who brought it down